About Us

Jalaluddin Services has been providing Singaporeans with an alternative to perform their Qurban/ Aqiqah/ Nazar. With the rising demands and cost of performing a Qurban locally, the team from Jalaluddin services decided to set up their own sheep-rearing and slaughtering facility for the purpose of Qurban and year-round Aqiqah/ Nazar services. 

We are coming to our 10th year managing the Qurban service. Over the years, we have slaughtered approximately 10,000 sheep and distributed the meat to 5,000 different locations around the world. 

What makes us different from other Qurban service providers?

1. We know our sheep source

We ensure our sheep are of the acceptable age and weight. They are reared and kept in our facility that provides sufficient food and space. These sheep will then be transported to the village for the slaughtering/ qurban. 

2. Healthy sheep

We hire veterinarians to ensure the health of the sheep. These veterinarians do a thorough check up and assessment on the sheep up till the day before they are slaughtered. This is to ensure that the sheep that we slaughter for you is healthy for consumption. 

3. Fair distribution

We aim to reach out to the very needy and unfortunate for the distribution of slaughtered meat. Our Qurban team search for hard-to-access villages in Indonesia and Vietnam months before Eidul Adha. These villages are accessed via 4-wheel drives, bikes and by foot. 

Insya Allah, we take pride in ensuring the fulfilment of your Qurban, Nazar or Aqiqah orders.